Youth Programs

Freedom Flyers is an IRS nonprofit organization that enhances young people’s lives through STEM based aviation classes. Working with youth is our primary mission and over 70 % of our time and resources go to innovative youth programs.

We understand that not all of our students will go on to be pilots or work in the field of aviation.

That is not our goal. Our goal is to awaken interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

American youth have consistently fallen behind in these topics over the last five years. Our STEM based aviation classes uses a new approach. Our approach is to teach subject areas such as math and science and incorporate engineering and technology into a same learning experience.

Aviation is the perfect venue for this type of learning. It is exciting, holds young people’s attention and is fun.

Our programs combines encouraging ongoing interest in these STEM topics and introducing young people to the world of flight.

Through our STEM based programs, students begin to see that science, technology, engineering, and math play a vital role in all things.These topics are no longer dull subjects but are the tools for exploration.

Educational Partnerships:

Freedom Flyers is proud to partner with both local and national organizations. These include The Highland Lakes Boys and Girls Club, the Boys Scouts of America, Exploring Aviation, the Commemorative Air Force , the EAA Young Eagles, Burnet County Santa’s Helpers, our local church schools and home school organizations. Our educational programs are in service year round.

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